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The first graph here shows the qualities, questions, indicators, and measures used in wilderness character monitoring at the US National Park Service. Qualities of wilderness character on the left are paired with one or more monitoring questions, which in turn are answered by one or more indicators, each with one or more trendable measures.

Measures represented by a filled black circle are required for all wilderness areas. When an indicator has a group of measures represented by hollow black circles, one or more of these measures is required. Measures represented by a hollow grey circle are optional.

In addition to these 16 standard measures, a wilderness area may use a custom measure to capture trends based on other available data. In most cases we don't use every possible measure to represent an indicator.

This table lists all of the wilderness character reports for each wilderness area at this agency. Completed reports are shown as a filled circle, shaded to indicate an upward, stable, or downward overall trend for all qualities. Incomplete reports are shown as hollow grey circles, and are labeled with the next milestone in their progress.

this is where we filter the wilderness table by tag (or next milestone, or overall trend) and show some summary statistics