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USFS Absaroka-Beartooth § 2020 Initial Baseline

The graph here shows the selected measures and their scores for this report. Measures are on the left, and these flow into the indicators, which answer the questions, which finally inform the qualities of wilderness character on the right.

Measure icons indicate selection status and trend score for the measure. Selected measures have solid grey circle, and brighter colors indicate an upward, stable, or downward reported trend. Unselected measures are shown as hollow grey circles.

Trend scores are summed at each level to get a positive, zero, or negative value for the parent indicator, question, or quality. Magnitude of summed trends is not considered -- two downward trends sum to a downward trend, not a 'double downward'.

This trend report shows zero upward, two downward, and two stable scores for the four qualities on the right side of the graph. These scores sum to -2 (0 + -1 + 0 + -1 = -2), so wilderness character is decreasing based on these measures.

16 Recorded Trends for 16 of 28 Agency Measures